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DEC 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE December 2018 109 Iowa Realty's account for many years. As the head of such a large brokerage, Buckley needs a company that's not only able to handle high volumes of home warranty requests, but is also able to be respon - sive. HSA Home Warranty checked both of those boxes. "Overall, the relationship between Iowa Realty and HSA has been a positive one," says Buckley. For more information, please visit www.onlinehsa.com. Building Better Agents With the Right Technology ATLANTA BROKERAGE UNLEASHES THE POWER OF ZILLOW GROUP'S BRIDGE INTERACTIVE LISTING INPUT TOOL by Keith Loria V illage Realty, based in Atlanta, Ga., is a team of neigh- borhood experts that firm COO Jenna Rozenblat says is reshaping the way real estate works. "We empower our agents to do better through superior support and digital marketing leadership for their clients and for themselves," she says. "Real estate technology has changed, almost overnight, and it's leaving a lot of great agents behind. We believe the right technology can build better agents through training, hands-on integration and above and beyond support." That's why Village Realty began utilizing Bridge Interac - tive's Listing Input tool this past July. "Previously, agents either relied on the brokerage sup - port team to input their listings or had to come into the office to use a hardware solution," says Rozenblat. "We needed a solution that would allow agents to input list - ings remotely and that would seamlessly send listings to both MLS systems in our area." The firm has found that Bridge Interactive's Listing In - put tool allows agents unprecedented control over their listing input, while leaving freedom in their schedules. "Agents are no longer tied to the physical office, de - pendent on support staff or forced to log in to multiple systems for their dual-entry listing input," says Rozen - blat. "The seamless process Bridge creates empowers agents to complete the process on their own, freeing up support team members to focus on other initiatives." One of the most important features of the Listing In - put tool is its ability to upload full-resolution photos of all sizes, which the Bridge tool automatically resizes be - fore sending to the MLS or MLSs. A true game changer for Rozenblat and her team, this saves agents precious time, as they no longer have to use photo editing soft - ware to create a listing. This feature is also relevant to today's consumers who expect a lot of photos when shopping online. "In the past, input systems only allowed compressed photo files, but Bridge has allowed our agents to upload crisp, clear photos to show off their listing in the best possible light," says Rozenblat. But that's not the only way the Listing Input tool ben - efits agents. "The single sign-on point for dual entry and photo in - put, located right in their MLS navigation bar, saves our agents invaluable time," says Rozenblat. "The collabo - ration features, which let you work with admins, team members and photographers in app, have been a huge asset to our teams and their admins. Pulling information about the property from previous MLS numbers, tax IDs, etc., saves agents so much time and allows them to pro - vide accurate information as quickly as possible." After the decision was first made to use Bridge Inter - active's Listing Input tool, onboarding and implementing the listing creation tool across the brokerage for more than 120 agents was seamless. Even more impressive is the top-notch support Rozenblat and her team have received along the way. "Questions are answered quickly and thoroughly, and the online help center is user-friendly and easy to navi - gate," says Rozenblat. "Bridge is an ideal product for any agent looking to save time and any brokerage looking to provide valuable technology to their agents. As a tech-fo - cused brokerage, any product we provide for agents must have a beautiful interface and be simple to useā€”both of which Bridge does in spades." For more information, please visit www.bridgeinteractive.com.

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