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NOV 2018

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88 November 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE {Power Teams} Building a Solid Foundation for Future Growth by Cleve Gaddis D o you have big plans for your future? Do these plans include massive income and plenty of free time for yourself and your family? For many agents, these plans will never become reality. Sorry for the gut punch, but it's true. Why? Because nearly every agent I know wants to grow a profitable busi - ness—one which provides work- life balance—but very few ever do anything differently than they did yesterday. Somehow, though, they believe that someday things will just miraculously be different. So how do you avoid this nearly universal problem? By creating the systems and processes re - quired to do business at a higher level. Yes, you read that correctly. If you want to do business at a higher level, you have to start acting like you're al - ready doing business at this higher level before it can actually happen. Below are four systems that top-producing agents and teams put in place long before they actu - ally become top producers. Lead-tracking, categorization and conversion. How many leads did you generate last month? What was the purchase timeframe of these leads? What percentage of the leads were converted into face- to-face appointments and then into clients? Before you can generate and convert leads into prospects and prospects into clients at a very high level, you need to have systems in place to track your lead conversion. Core values. What makes you who you are? There's something about you that makes you special, or things you strive for in your busi - ness that make people want to hire you as their agent. Put these things down in writing and you'll start to create core values for you and your team members to strive for. Huddles and meetings. Many people in real estate hate to have meetings, and this hatred is justifi - able, as most meetings are boring and not necessarily beneficial to anyone in attendance. Change this immediately by having exciting meet - ings with your team. Follow a specific outline for your weekly meetings and start having 15-minute daily huddles, as well. Encourage ideas and let your team discuss the business. You'll reap the rewards when they buy in mentally. Accountability. Most people rebel from any form of accountability, and you probably understand why. While many of us believe that ac - countability is something that's done to us, the reality is that accountability is something we should do to ourselves—with the help of others. In order to grow in business, we must hold ourselves accountable to do certain activi - ties within a certain timeframe and to produce specific results based upon our effort. At Work - man Success Systems, we believe that accountability equals love. We hold accountable what we love the most—like our kids—so why does accountability become so negative in our work life? If you want a head start in these four key areas, send an email to Cleve@GoGaddis.com and I'll share with you the systems we use. These include our lead track - er, the process used for creating core values, agendas for our daily huddles and weekly meetings, and a form for tracking daily activities required for success. If you want to make a million dollars a year, you must start do - ing the things a million-dollar pro- ducer does. It's that simple, and unfortunately, there's no secret or shortcut. Start building your busi - ness on a solid foundation today. Go on—what are you waiting for? Cleve Gaddis is a master coach with Workman Success Systems and team leader with Gaddis Partners, RE/MAX Center in Atlanta. He learned sales the hard way, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, and now puts those skills to use in helping his team close $60 million annually. He loves to share his systems and strategies to help others succeed. He hosts the Call Cleve Atlanta Real Estate Show heard weekly on NewsTalk 1160 WCFO. Contact him at Cleve@GoGaddis.com.

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