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NOV 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE November 2018 59 At Realty ONE Group, we took an infor- mal survey and asked our real estate professionals to share the first thing they noticed about our brand. Many of them agreed it was our unique and creative branding. In understanding that our brand stands out, we knew there was no sense in coloring within the lines. Thinking outside the box when it came to marketing worked in the past and has continued to do so for many of our professionals. Marketing yourself creatively can work across the board for all indus - tries. We've seen some untraditional methods that have worked well for some of our professionals, and these methods may work for you—or at least give you a healthy starting point to think outside the box. Maintain an Active Online Presence Having a social media account and a regularly updated blog are two of the best ways to maintain an online pres - ence that will help give you credibility as a local market expert, as well as a professional who is both tech- and social media-savvy. With a regularly maintained blog, search engines will pick up on your presence and con - sumers will flock to you for expert advice, tips and other industry news. Social media platforms and blogs are also excellent channels where conversations can start, whether it's through the comments section or a private message. On the Air Live-streaming on platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram provide a great way to keep your au - dience engaged. Everyone loves a good story, and what better way to market yours in a quick, casual and non-intrusive way than through your phone. In the first 30 - 60 seconds, you can quickly introduce yourself and share your market expertise. Filming yourself by using the front-facing cam - era (selfie mode) is acceptable, but it wouldn't hurt to invest in a video camera setup that allows you to film professional-grade videos. Rethink Traditional Ad Placement Your marketing is meant to be discov - ered and should disrupt without slan- der or untrue statements. However, if you're unafraid of making waves, consider purchasing ad space next to or within visual distance of a com - petitor. This can include anything from your traditional transportation ad to a billboard along a major high - way. Be sure to consider short and simple messaging, as you only have seconds to capture your audience's attention. While marketing and talking about your services can often seem intimi - dating, it's important to understand that it doesn't have to be. Start with - in the confines of what you're com- fortable with—and what your budget will allow—and continue to progress toward more creative ideas that'll effectively convey who you are and what you have to offer. RE Realty ONE Group takes great pride in being the real estate industry's premier UNbrokerage and in providing their professionals with an array of visually stylish marketing collateral, as well as effective coaching pro- grams, guidance and mentorship from non-competing brokers, and a powerful business model. To learn how Realty ONE Group can help take your business to the next level, visit www.RealtyONEGroup.com. Marketing Yourself by Thinking Outside the Box Commentary by the Experts at Realty ONE Group T alking about yourself may come naturally to some more than others, but when it comes time to market yourself, that's an entirely different story. And if you're in real estate, marketing yourself and your services is one of the top ways of gaining a client's business. To do that successfully, you may want to consider a few methods that can help you stand out.

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