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NOV 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE November 2018 57 have to say. Get over your fears and get in front of the camera. The only way to get good at doing live video is to be bad at it and grow from there. Don't feel like your live video can only be real estate-related. Share your interests and the things going on in your life. Look for ways to con - nect with your buyers and sellers. You have an active audience where people are willing and wanting to hear your opinion and expertise. Don't disappoint them by not partici - pating in the conversation. It's a differentiator. As you know, winning a new listing is becoming increasingly competi - tive. Most agents aren't utilizing live video like they should, so I would rec - ommend you take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself. Here's just one example of a live video strategy: Tell every single one of your customers that you'll record a live video of their home. Whether it's a home new to the market or an open house, broadcast a live video highlighting the property. These vid - eos will create more visibility for your listings, which means more potential buyers will see them. This is some - thing not only your current clients will love, but also potential clients look - ing for an agent will find value in. Increase your sphere of influence. Facebook is still the most popular social media network, so it's a great place to start going live. Whether you're using a personal profile or a business page, it's important to note some of the recent changes Facebook has made that impact the reach of your posts. In February, Mark Zuckerberg made statements that the reach of Facebook business pages is go - ing down significantly, which means the number of people seeing your content has dropped based on new algorithms. Facebook Live helps to combat this issue. When you go live on Facebook, it gives friends and followers a no - tification that you're starting a live video. This reminds them of you and your brand—a struggle in an indus - try where 70 percent of consumers forget who their agent was a year after their transaction (https://bit. ly/2Q0Ah9U). The great advantage of Facebook Live is that you're pro - ducing content people can always refer back to on your business page or personal profile. Additionally, use the people you're already working with to grow your sphere. Invite them to follow your page or profile, and encourage them to share the live video you broadcast - ed of their home. Facebook gives higher value to posts that incite com - ments and shares, so you're not only increasing the value of your posts in Facebook's eyes, but also being introduced to the seller's sphere of influence, maximizing your visibility. It takes less time and is more authentic. Traditional video takes scripting and editing. While traditional video is more polished, creating a high-qual - ity video takes a lot of resources. Going live takes nothing but your smartphone. Authenticity is a key factor that drives millennial consumers and is one of the influencers that impacts their decisions the most. Live video content is extremely authentic be - cause it's here and now, and shows who you are as a business person. People will criticize an over-produced video, but have a lesser expectation of quality in live video because they understand the nature of broadcast - ing in real-time. Creating authentic, real content is most attractive to most audiences. It allows you to effectively showcase your expertise. Every agent profile says they're an expert in something. Whether they say they're a great buyer's agent, will help you find your dream home or claim to know the market better than the rest, consumers still want proof that an agent actually knows what they're talking about. They want to see that they really can deliver on their promises. If you're supposed to be an expert in understanding the market, there aren't many better ways to prove your expertise than in a live video talking about market con - ditions in that area. Live video allows you to connect with your community in real-time. Real estate is a local, people-to-peo - ple business; relationships are im- portant, and people want agents who understand them and the communi - ty. Posting a live video when you're out meeting people in the neighbor - hood allows you to merge technology and relationships together. RE Adam Bauer is the vice president of Digital Strategy at HomeSmart International. For more information, please visit HomeSmart.com/join. Live video content is extremely authentic because it's here and now, and shows who you are as a business person.

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