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NOV 2018

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36 November 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE particular home," explains Ruane. "What's more, the ad placement is sticky by following as you scroll down the page; this offers consumers ad - ditional opportunities to engage." While the new site features Local Connect advertisers more promi - nently and frequently throughout the consumer journey, it's important to note that no matter how many agents are participating in Local Connect in any given zip code, the listing agent always gets the lead— a unique point of differentiation that sets Homes.com apart from the competition. "By partnering with Homes.com, agents can propel themselves for - ward in a crowded search market and get more than their fair share of search activity," says Ruane. "We're committed to delivering high-quality leads to real estate pro - fessionals," says Mele. "Through innovating our user experience, cre - ating new ad opportunities like City Sponsor and revamping Local Con - nect, we're able to capture home- buyers at the right moment in their home-search journey, and offer leads to agents and brokers that are more likely to convert." ACCURATE LISTING DATA EQUALS BETTER CONSUMER EXPERIENCE Another critical part of delivering the best home-search experience is presenting listing data directly from the source. For over 25 years, Homes.com has been a trusted partner to the largest MLSs, fran - chises and brokers by offering bro- kers complete control over where and how their listing data is pub - lished on Homes.com. With more than 3 million active listings displayed on Homes.com— 75 percent of which are sourced directly from MLSs—it's critical that Homes.com has the most accurate and updated listing content for to - day's demanding consumers. "We recognized early that MLSs and their broker partners wanted tools to easily and efficiently make sure their listing data is always kept up-to-date and accurate on Homes.com, all of which can be achieved through our MLS partner programs," notes Mele. "It's their data, and they should be in complete control of where it goes," adds Mele. "And we make that easy for them." EARLY FEEDBACK AND FUTURE PLANS The response from the industry and consumers alike about the new Homes.com has been noth - ing but positive. With glowing re- views from some of the largest con- sumer media outlets, the team at Homes.com feels confident that their vision to create a simply smarter way to search was a turning point for real estate search. "I thought that their old site was fine, but their new site adds in arti - ficial intelligence in ways that make the consumer experience fantastic. In a world of sameness, Homes.com has changed the game," says Victor Lund of WAV Group. Even more important and impres - sive, however, are the engagement metrics on the new Homes.com. In fact, since the launch of the site on May 10, 2018, consumers are not only spending more time on the site, but also consuming more pages when they visit. "Consumers are much more en - gaged with the new features on the site, which means they're staying longer and visiting more pages," notes Mele. "This, in turn, is generat - ing more leads, which is good news for the agent." "If we can get an agent to a place where we can demo the site, their eyes are opened and they under - stand right off the bat just how dif- ferent this experience can be for the consumer," says Ruane. "They're ex - cited to be a part of it and to partner with us." But the Homes.com team isn't content to rest on its laurels. Their eyes are already set on the future, with their plans including ongoing user-experience testing and polling homebuyers, sellers, agents, bro - kers and others on how they use the site and what enhancements they'd like to see. Constant evaluation of user data and feedback are integral in the team's vision to continually evolve Homes.com. "To me, the art of the Homes.com story is that we're just getting start - ed. We're constantly researching and refining our strategy on how to engage consumers. As their needs in home search evolve, we will too, making home search simpler and smarter each step of the way," con - cludes Finnegan. RE For more information, please visit www.homes.com. "TO ME, THE ART OF THE HOMES.COM STORY IS THAT WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED. WE'RE CONSTANTLY RESEARCHING AND REFINING OUR STRATEGY ON HOW TO ENGAGE CONSUMERS. AS THEIR NEEDS IN HOME SEARCH EVOLVE, WE WILL TOO, MAKING HOME SEARCH SIMPLER AND SMARTER EACH STEP OF THE WAY." - BRIAN FINNEGAN Executive Director of Product Development, Homes.com

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