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NOV 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE November 2018 33 "As we looked across the home search landscape, we found what we termed a 'sea of sameness,'" ex - plains Homes.com President David Mele. "We realized that when looking at any given home search site, you could easily remove the logos and not be able to determine which site you were on, since they all looked the same and operated in much the same way." Mele and the team at Homes.com knew they needed to create a search that met the demands of homebuy - ers as they moved through their home-search journey: a site that allowed consumers to dream about their next home, but also offered tools to help navigate those home features that were most important versus those that were just nice to have. "We wanted to break away from the status quo and create some - thing that would serve today's homebuyers and those in the fu - ture," says Mele, "so we focused on building a site that would allow people to start their home journey early with tools that enabled them to dream big and, when they were ready, share their dream with those who matter the most." MOVING THE NEEDLE: A FRESH APPROACH TO THE HOME SEARCH EXPERIENCE "As a product person, my whole mission is to build something that helps someone do something bet - ter," says Homes.com Executive Di- rector of Product Development Brian Finnegan. "In watching different competi - tors come into the space, I felt like we hadn't done anything to change or move the needle. Instead, we were slowly evolving from the same script," explains Finnegan. "Creat - ing the new Homes.com offered us the opportunity to not only reimagine the user experience, but to create something that gave home shoppers tools they could use throughout their home search." Providing consumers with tools to dream big was an important pillar in building the new site. At the same time, the Homes.com team knew that each consumer dreamed dif - ferently, and incorporating feedback from buyers and sellers alike, as well as real estate agents and brokers, was key to creating the right mix. The new Homes.com delivers on everything the team targeted by of - fering consumers an option to dream big and, at the same time, evolve as their needs change over time. The new Homes.com site challenges the 'sea of sameness' in home search.

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