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NOV 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE November 2018 107 BP: What's your approach to training and coaching? CF: We have our own real estate school, so we know our agents are getting a good start. And we're very hands-on and personal in our training and coaching. We want our agents to reach the very top of the mountain. AF: I used to be a teacher, so train- ing is important to me. New agents can choose our mentorship pro - gram that lasts a year. Experienced agents receive ongoing training and coaching on a variety of levels for as long as they're with us. It's crit - ical for us, and I'm personally grat- ified when an agent tells us, "I've learned more in this one class or this one training program than I've learned in my whole career." BP: What about your marketing strategies? How are you connect- ing with consumers? CF: Primarily through social media, and through our own very personal approach to business. We have me - dia resource rooms in our building, and a staff to help agents prepare videos, provide awesome presenta - tions and other necessary market- ing visuals. We also have staff work- ing our agents' databases on their behalf, keeping in touch, sending out videos and providing a calendar of social events designed to keep agents connected to customers. Ni - cole Shambre and Sheridan Capri- secca lead in those areas. BP: How do you stay ahead of the curve on technology? AF: We ask the young people! No, really. Our daughter, Danielle Neil - son, is a whiz at social media and works as our resident social media guru. She creates and manages the company brand and media specifi - cally for the purpose of business development. CF: Social media and technology aside, we encourage our agents to maintain meaningful connections, especially with past and present clients. We hold what we call "mind - set meetings" every Monday morn- ing—a 45-minute time designed to prepare agents to meet the chal - lenge of the week ahead. Agents don't have to be there in person— maybe 30 to 40 agents are there on any given Monday—but hundreds watch each week on Facebook. We focus on mindset, and on the real - ization that we aren't here just to sell real estate, but to connect with people in meaningful ways. We even wrote a book to help our agents out. It's called "Marketing Your Real Es - tate Career." BP: How would you describe the state of your market? What are your challenges and opportunities? AF: In certain price ranges, there's still a shortage of inventory, which makes for a hot market—and we also have a very strong rental mar - ket. In all, the business environment is good, and unemployment is low. The opportunities are really unlim - ited. It's a great time to be selling real estate. CF: Our biggest challenge is time— time to manage our complex busi - ness lives and make time for our kids and our grandbaby. But we're builders and creators and motiva - tors by nature. We're dedicated to inspiring more agents to be hap - py and successful, because they, in turn, inspire the success and well-being of the company. BP: What's on deck for the future of the firm? CF: We're excited about the future. Of course, we will continue to grow Revelation here in the Valley, but God has called on me to do more. I know I can positively affect many more agents. Revelation isn't du - plicatable, but I have big plans to attract a team of talent nationwide and invest into their business with the same intensity as I do here lo - cally. That's why I moved my license to eXp Realty. Part of the plan is to share my expertise with anyone who wants to excel in business and could benefit from my scriptural - ly-based coaching and training. AF: Our company culture is based on scripture—specifically Proverbs 27:17, which says, "As iron sharp - ens iron, so one person sharpens another." We see this as the next stage of our own development, and, we hope, as an opportunity to widen our circle of customers and friends. RE For more information, please visit www.revelationrealestate.com. Chuck and Angela Fazio have big plans for the future as they look to widen their circle of customers and friends.

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