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NOV 2018

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102 November 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE spend a week at Tom Ferry's Sum- mit and go to Buffini and Mike Ferry events, all of which we're doing to stay on the leading edge of where the agent's mindset needs to be. I'm also personally being coached. We're constantly trying to disrupt the status quo and be inspired at both the agent and leadership lev - el. We're part of the Berkshire Ha- thaway HomeServices franchise system and are plugged into the "forever brand" and "forever agent" mindset. MP: It sounds like agents feel really supported at your firm... DF: In a world where there's so much out there today, we try to make the complex simple and give tools and information to agents in bite-sized chunks so they can focus on the things they need to be successful. Every agent runs their business a little bit differently. Everyone has to build a tech-enabled database, be a great prospector, have a geograph - ic farm and commit to doing mega open houses. If you do those four things, you'll have an awesome ca - reer. We want to support the forever agent and brand mindset. MP: Tell us more about your video series. DF: We do three video series: Real Estate Redefined, Good To Know and From The Field Friday. Real Estate Redefined is designed to be inspirational, informational and motivational for the real estate community. The Good To Know se - ries shows how to utilize our tools in bite-sized segments. From The Field Friday showcases agents at the company who share a system, tool or strategy that's working for their business. These videos are sent to the whole company, boosted on Facebook and other social me - dia platforms, distributed through BombBomb, posted as a podcast and shared via other media chan - nels. Our videos receive 25,000 to 35,000 views per episode. We uti - lize our in-house video production center with a green room and em - ploy a full-time videographer. MP: Why are these video series such an important part of your company strategy and overall culture? DF: We believe in constant, trans- parent communication with our as- sociates and employees. It's about making the complex simpler. We supplement our training with this re - al-world video content: agents from the field sharing success stories, and people you know showing you how to use the tools you have ac - cess to. And these videos help us connect with everyone. It's not the man who makes the office, it's the office that makes the man. If you use your office for good, people are drawn to your culture and vision. MP: What is your overall approach to coaching and training? DF: We're focused on partnering with leading coaches and trainers in the industry. We embrace them. We've partnered with Tom Ferry, Bri - an Buffini, David Knox and Mike Fer- ry, to name a few. We've also advanced a lot of our agent training online. We use Propel, a learning management system on our intranet. Propel offers hundreds of courses that agents can take; it's all about getting productive quickly and having the right mindset. All of our new agents go through it, and it's always there for them. MP: What are some of your most im- portant marketing strategies? DF: We host mega open houses—a term we got from Tom Ferry—twice a month. Mega open houses in - volve a very precise plan that in- cludes door-knocking and inviting the neighbors ahead of time, doing a very coordinated marketing effort on Facebook to promote the listing, and putting the listing on Waze. We also run ads on Zillow, display ads on our extensive digital billboard network and implement effective follow-up campaigns. This is a great way to expose a property to buyers and find more listings in a commu - nity. We also use Spacio, which is a paperless open house visitor regis - tration system to follow-up with all the prospects. To give you an idea, through all of our coordinated mega open houses, we recently had more than 3,000 buyers or sellers walk Dan Forsman's weekly Real Estate Redefined video series provides informational and inspirational messaging to the real estate community.

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