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OCT 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE October 2018 95 Today, Solid Source is home to more than 1,700 real estate agents who sell over $1 billion annually in Met- ro Atlanta residential real estate. What's the secret to accomplishing and sustaining this ongoing level of success for over 15 years? "Our track record is solid," says Meredith. "We're constantly com- mitted to the research and devel- opment of new technology, unique home marketing, and providing the foundation for platforms where the agents are encouraged and free to brand themselves." Solid Source Founder Michele Velcheck adds: "Even after inter- viewing thousands of agents joining our firm, it still surprises me when amazing agents have been con- vinced by a previous broker that the success the agent has worked so hard to earn was a result of the bro- ker's name. Really?" Learn more about the culture and strategies that continue to mold the Solid Source success story in this exclusive interview. Maria Paerson: Rebecca, wouldn't all agents prefer to keep more com- mission from every sale? Why do you believe agents hesitate to keep more of the money they work so hard to earn? Rebecca Meredith: We hear the same response consistently: "I've considered coming here for years, but fear of change, learning new systems and rebuilding my brand with a new broker kept me from the inevitable choice I knew I would make someday. I'm frustrated now thinking of the money I would have saved with more services and bro - ker support than I have now." Finding out that changing brokerag- es can take place within a few busi- ness hours, and that signs, business cards, marketing materials, etc., can be ordered in advance to eliminate downtime, brings a huge sigh of re- lief. Then, it's like a light comes on and the welcome party begins. MP: I understand Solid Source de- signed and implemented one of the •rst paperless transaction man- agement softwares in the country in 2006. Can you tell me more about what compels you to continue to de- sign and implement new technology? RM: Absolutely! When we see our agents burdened with redundant, time-consuming activity, it leads to a "what's next" brainstorming meeting to research and evaluate how to give them back the precious gift of time. For example, our newly released Vision software imports transac- tion data from FMLS to eliminate re-entering the same data into com- pany software. SolidSourceEM.com provides secure online submission of earnest money to provide an al- ternative to rushing checks to the office. All attorneys can wire com- mission checks, and we pay agents via direct deposit, which allows the agent to start the closing celebra- tion when it happens without the burden of driving a check to the office. One of my favorite ways we use According to Rebecca Meredith, Solid Source was founded in 2003 as the answer to a perplexing concern. "Since the time required to review a contract is the same regardless of the sales price, why is the commission paid to the broker different?" asks Meredith, president of the Atlanta- based firm. "After all, 100 percent of client lunches, individual agent branding, gas, health insurance and other expenses are paid for by the agent. Isn't it only fair the agent keeps 100 percent of their commission?"

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