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OCT 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE October 2018 63 the best career opportu- nity to create any life you want as a real estate pro- fessional," says Owen. "The trajectory is limit- less, and real estate is a vehicle that can take you anywhere you want to go. I love not having a glass ceiling." What sets your firm apart in the marketplace? Daryl Owen: We own a li- censing school with a little over 4,000 students, and we have one of the best environments and training platforms that cultivates and develops newer and budding agents. This also provides a huge advan- tage to our top agents, since we can grow their businesses and teams by giving them agents and training them on their be- half, alleviating two huge burdens team leaders of- ten face. We also have a very talented marketing team that creates incred- ible collateral and brand identities for our agents, in addition to custom, in- house web development on their behalf. How has your market fared so far this year? DO: It's been a really good year for us. We acquired a new location in November 2017, which put our sides and GCC growth to over 51 percent year-over-year; however, even without the new addition, we would still be up 28 percent in both sides and GCC. While the affordability factor is playing a role in slowing sales slightly, we're still in a market that's equitable for both buyers and sell- ers—and it's a great time for both. This is the type of market I tell my agents they can get rich in. Inven- tory is still historically low, though rising slightly, and interest rates are still his- torically low, as well. We anticipate a market shift in the next two to three years; however, we also anticipate a normalization of our market and not a drastic shift like we saw in 2008. Are there any other plans in place for growth in the months ahead? DO: Absolutely. We spent 2018 refining our sys- tems and processes and strengthening our founda- tion; however, we're active- ly looking for acquisition opportunities to propel our growth. We have a rec- ipe for success, and it's worked for us. What are the biggest chal- lenges you're currently facing? DO: I'm not entirely sure whether this would be la- beled a challenge or frus- tration; however, the con- stant need to recruit has put most brokers in the commodity position with only one value proposition: cheaper commissions and fees. If we only compete on price, and not true val- ue, we all become the re- sult of the lowest common denominator. This practice doesn't yield true profes- sionalism and higher stan- dards, nor does it ensure that our agent population is well trained with high- level professionalism. And it also brings our industry down as a whole. As a company, we don't really care nor worry about the new discount brokers, as there'll always be clients who prioritize cost over value, and those who pri- oritize value over cost. What are the biggest op- portunities for increasing business right now? DO: Client experience is on the top of my list, and although this will be valu- able for years to come, it won't increase our busi- ness overnight. The larg- est opportunity for growth today is two-fold: invest further into our corporate inside sales department and acquisition oppor- tunities with struggling brokers who don't have a system and recipe for suc- cess. We can all win much faster and go much farther together, and we have a proven system that works. How are you updating your technology and training to provide the resources agents need to succeed? DO: We built a full tech- nology suite of tools with SSO so that our agents can run their businesses completely mobile and improve the client expe- rience. Not only do we train our agents on how to source business, but also on how to develop great relationships and service the business, which is a big distinction. Our mar- keting systems for listings have been improved upon and innovated drastically, and our communication processes have changed as a result of client prefer- ences. Additionally, we're integrating and building some of our own propri- etary technology that'll improve the client experi- ence during showings, as well as the overall transac- tion experience. VITALS: Nationwide Real Estate Executives Years in business: 7 Size: 7 oces, 764 agents Regions served: Orange and Los Angeles counties, Calif.; marginally service Riverside and San Bernardino counties 2017 sales volume: $641,374,623 2017 transactions: 1,235 www.nreliving.com

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