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OCT 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE October 2018 55 But how do we reintroduce the idea that you can achieve greater suc- cess by being present and working with others face-to-face? Simple. With a team-building event. Over the summer, Realty ONE Group hosted its first leadership re- treat in Southern California. Branch managers, broker/owners and ex- ecutives flew in from around the country to learn from industry lead- ers and influencers. In addition to the seminars and keynote speeches, attendees were treated to two team- building activities: a scavenger hunt and a cook-off. The goal of these two activities was to get everyone in a team setting to work together toward one common goal: win the challenge and take home the prize. Besides winning, the purpose of these events was to get others to work together effectively in an un- orthodox setting. In real estate, you need to rely on the strengths of oth- ers (your transaction coordinator, of- fice administrator, broker and lender) to ensure your client's transaction runs smoothly. Working with others can sometimes bring its own set of challenges: Different personalities may not gel, someone isn't commu- nicating effectively, or there may even be a lack of participation from one or more parties. How can we guarantee success in a team setting? Develop a Plan Just like the start of any voyage, it's best to have a plan in place. It doesn't necessarily need to be laid out on a map, but a wireframe of some sort should be discussed among your team. Be sure to in - clude a timeline with goals to meet, and any prep work required to meet those goals. Delegate Tasks and Responsibilities When deciding who's responsible for handling a task, always identify the person's strengths, never their weaknesses. Focusing on a person's weaknesses will only lead to failure. Instead, take the initiative to identify a person's strengths to see where they can make a positive impact. Re- mind them that their actions will lead to the team's success. Engagement Make sure everyone on your team is participating by doing their part, as this will guarantee a positive outcome. If a role requires several processes to take place before a team member can proceed, encour- age that person to assist other team members with their duties. Team-building activities like Realty ONE Group's scavenger hunt and cook-off are fun learning experiences that force team members to engage in an outdoor setting. By creatively encouraging your team to work to- gether toward a goal (whether it's finding the golden egg or scrambling the egg), your team members will be present and engaged—and come up with solutions that will net a positive outcome. RE Professional development, mentorship, coaching and the ability to think outside the box are important keys to success, and Realty ONE Group offers this and much more to their real estate professionals. To learn how Realty ONE Group can help you lead with purpose and take your business to the next level, visit www.RealtyONEGroup.com. How to Achieve Success by Working With Others Commentary by the Experts at Realty ONE Group I n today's digital age, the concept of being present in a physical setting may get lost in the shuffle of social media notifications, emails and text messages. There isn't one party to blame for people not being entirely present—after all, the workplace has evolved to keep up with technology and the people who use it. Nowadays, most—if not all—contracts are signed using a digital signature, appointments are set via a link in your email signature, and you can easily order and pay for your double-shot of espresso thanks to an app on your phone.

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