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OCT 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE October 2018 45 {Business Building} Amid all the tech developments and new entrants, real estate remains— and always will be—a relationship business built on people. Yes, great technology is crucial, but that tech needs to support great agents, and, ultimately, their customers. At the end of the day, the purchase or sale of a home remains one of the most significant financial transac - tions in most people's lives. A professional real estate agent serves as a trusted guide through a complicated process that's become more complex. Today, there are more variables, more options, more infor- mation and more rules and regula- tions than ever before—making the services of a real estate profession- al more valuable than ever. When the role of an agent is dimin- ished or devalued, the customer ex- perience suffers. As a consequence, the foundational value offered by our industry takes a hit. So, what's an agent to do in this highly competitive and dynamic envi- ronment? Double down on more. DOING MORE WITH MORE Providing excellent customer service has always been a vital component of a successful real estate business. Now it's more important than ever. Today's consumer expects more, and as real estate professionals, it's our job to deliver. We need to be customer-obsessed. Obsessed with following up. Obsessed with person - al service. Obsessed with commu- nicating. Obsessed with delivering extraordinary results. In our industry, being armed with great technology is absolutely essen- tial—and an extensive global pres- ence, a productive work environment and widespread brand awareness provide a distinct competitive edge. As CEO of RE/MAX, I'm well aware of how industry-leading benefits pro- vide a solid foundation for a thriving business. But it doesn't stop there; in fact, that's where it starts. It's what you do with the benefits and technology that makes the difference for your clients, and, in turn, your business. Instead of approaching tools, tech, resources and brand strength through a lens of how they make your life easier, view them through the client perspective. How do you leverage the benefits of your office, brand and network affiliation to improve the service you offer your customers? The best technology in the world means nothing when it doesn't im - prove the lives of customers; in fact, it can actually have a detrimen- tal effect. You needn't look further than phone-answering "technology" that forces a customer to press 20 prompts before connecting with a human. This certainly makes things more convenient for the service pro - vider—not so much for the customer being served. As real estate professionals, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We need to collaborate, communicate and conduct our busi- nesses with the highest level of professionalism and devotion to service. When you offer more, you receive more. Everybody wins. RE Adam Contos is CEO of RE/MAX, LLC. For more information, visit www.remax.com. Go All-In on Offering More by Adam Contos C hange is in the air—and it's not just the autumn weather. With new technology and new ways of doing business, a whirlwind of change is blowing through the real estate industry. Key Takeaways: – With all the change in the real estate industry, remem- ber what's been constant: Real estate remains—and always will be—a relationship business built on people. – What's an agent to do in this highly competitive and dynamic environment? Double down on providing more— more personal service, more communication, more extraor - dinary results. – When you collaborate, com- municate and conduct your business with the highest level of professionalism and devotion to service; both you and your clients win.

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