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OCT 2018

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40 October 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE who want to build businesses. From the beginning, I wanted to find a way to let agents and brokers ac- complish that in a way where every- body could make money fairly." As much as HomeSmart empha- sizes agent success, it provides 100 percent of the resources bro- kers need to run a successful bro- kerage. That might sound too good to be true, but, again, you don't have to look far to see its technol- ogy, systems and overall approach at work in markets big and small across the United States. "No, it's not too good to be true," responds Bryan Brooks, senior vice president of Franchise Sales. "HomeSmart provides brokers with a complete list of services, sys- tems and technologies, which re- sult in performance and profitability for the brokerage." From its RealSmart Broker panel, HomeSmart brokers can conve- niently manage and have complete visibility into their entire business in one place. They can manage files, communicate with agents thanks to the RealSmart Agent integration, track recruiting efforts, work on ac- counting tasks, and more from the single portal—not to mention, all the data is stored in the system, so they can instantly pull reports to analyze their business. "We talk about applying tech- nology in the right places for the right reasons to keep relation- ships in real estate," says Brooks. "HomeSmart has automated the back office in order to keep bro- kerage personnel focused on high- touch agent interactions." Those high-touch agent in- teractions get executed on by HomeSmart personnel that extend across what the franchisor refers to as four pillars of excellence: Agent Services, Career Services, Broker Services and Transaction Services. "Support and training are as cen - tral to the model as technology," remarks Forsythe. "HomeSmart has taken the role and responsibili- ties of the broker/owner and cre- ated focus and specialization that results in service that scales. On top of that, we offer various central- ized services that give our broker/ owners more bandwidth, lower ex- penses and enterprise-level quality and strategy that powers growth as soon as the brokerage opens its doors." At its largest scale, HomeSmart's model has allowed its Phoenix bro- kerage to support more than 6,000 agents, and process nearly 30,000 transactions a year with less than a few dozen staff. Each day, agents and their transactions engage with the systems—interfacing with tech - nology, people and process—to ac- complish exactly what they need before moving on with their day. HomeSmart works on economies of scale and efficiencies that save dollars on payroll and allow brokers to keep more money while also letting their agents do the same. The model aims to solve for what Brooks calls "operational bloat." More expenses, such as technolo - gies, office space and personnel, means less profit. At HomeSmart, its systems help brokers keep ex- penses low, but value high. "I love when a prospective fran- chise owner asks me how we make money," says Brooks. "I tell them our brokers make money when they decide to stop doing business the hard way. Once I explain the pillars and show them the technology, the light bulb goes off and they see ex- actly what I mean." While brokers and agents have an easier time growing day-to-day, it's not for lack of tremendous ef- fort by Widdows and his team, who focus on improving HomeSmart's technology and systems every day. "I sort of have a reputation for setting ridiculous expectations and finding ways to make them normal," shares Widdows. "It takes some getting used to, but we see and hear from our agents and brokers all the time about how all of our ef - fort pays off in their business." There is one thing for certain: HomeSmart's high-tech, high-ser- vice way of doing business builds a solid case for why 100-percent models will increasingly become the norm. RE For more information, please visit www.homesmart.com. "I love when a prospective franchise owner asks me how we make money. I tell them our brokers make money when they decide to stop doing business the hard way." – BRYAN BROOKS Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales, HomeSmart

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