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OCT 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE October 2018 37 While many traditional brokers struggle to adapt, HomeSmart International's high-service, high- value model—enabled by a pro- prietary software platform and technology toolset—continues to distinguish itself as a high-perform- ing approach that delivers consis- tency and value for both agents and brokers. This isn't the 100-percent com- mission approach real estate professionals have previously discounted because of a lack of support and training. Rather, HomeSmart brokerages run on a business system where efficient operations, technology and sup- port means more profitability for real estate businesses with less pain. HomeSmart CEO and Founder Matt Widdows started the company on the belief that real estate pro- fessionals—brokers and agents— should work smarter, not harder. "When I was a producing real estate agent in the '90s, I couldn't find systems that worked for me— they didn't exist," says Widdows. "I had technology experience prior to getting involved in real estate, so I took it upon myself to build sys - tems that served me in becoming a more successful agent." Other agents soon started to take note of those systems and inquired about whether they could also use them. That is how Widdows' tech- first mindset led to technology being a first-thought into the soft- ware and systems HomeSmart has been designing and implementing for its agents and brokers since 2000. As the brokerage got off the ground, Widdows discovered that technologies and systems can ad- dress inefficiencies and service is- sues, which is how the HomeSmart model delivers a full-service experi- ence while letting agents keep 100 percent of their commission, along with other savings. "It's interesting to see other brands today talk about wanting to build proprietary technology plat- forms. We were built on technology systems we started to create near- ly 20 years ago, and have continu- ously updated and improved ever since," adds Widdows. As you peel back the layers of efficiency enabled by these long- standing systems, you quickly see why HomeSmart's growth curve has outpaced many of its broker - age counterparts. What 100% Means for HomeSmart Agents Real estate agents pound the pave- ment looking for leads, managing transactions and closing deals. So don't they deserve 100 per- cent of their hard-earned money? While "yes" seems like an obvious answer, many agents continue to settle for less than 100 percent from their brokerage every day. HomeSmart believes it is giving agents what they deserve: 100-per- cent commission, transparency in fees, office access, support, train- ing, marketing resources, paper- HomeSmart Shows Why Letting Agents Keep All of Their Commission Is in a Broker's Best Interest T here is much discussion in the industry about the fate of the residential real estate brokerage. Traditional, commission-split brokerages are anticipated by many to be on their way out. In fact, some industry experts say the steady stream of iBuyers, virtual brokerages and other emerging models coming into the market in the last year has made that fate certain. "We were built on technology systems we started to create nearly 20 years ago, and have continuously updated and improved ever since." – MATT WIDDOWS CEO & Founder, HomeSmart

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