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OCT 2018

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112 October 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE {Ask the Experts} Dan Steward President Pillar To Post Home Inspectors www.pillartopost.com Q: There's no doubt that the home inspection industry of today is vastly different from the home inspection industry of the past. What are some of the biggest changes that have occurred over the years? A: It's an honor and a privilege to be president of the No. 1 home inspection franchise in North America. I'm particularly proud of our franchisees and home inspectors. They're the ones that elevate us and bring the Pillar To Post difference and values to life out in the ÀHOG,WDOVRVKRZVXVWKDWZLWK the proper training, motivation and passion, someone can enjoy a career in such a booming industry. The person ZKRMRLQHGRXUQHWZRUN years ago isn't necessarily IURPWKHVDPHEDFNJURXQGDV RXUQHZHUIUDQFKLVHHVVLQFH RXUWHDPHQVXUHVWKDWZH·UH at the forefront of the latest advancements and training techniques available in the home inspection industry. What our franchisees all share is a mutual motivation and SDVVLRQIRUWKLVÀHOG Do you believe there's a GLIIHUHQWSURÀOHWRGD\ZKHQLW comes to the type of person looking to get into the home LQVSHFWLRQÀHOG" As I said, many of their likes, interests and skills are similar, but they're getting their pre-educa- tion in other places. Many of our existing and long-time franchisees picked up applicable skills some- where in the workplace in fields like construction, home building and development, managing many people in a corporate setting and the like. Today, we find that more than one third of our newer franchisees come from military service, and they do very well in this field. Why do you think those franchisees with a military background are able to ÀQGVXFFHVVLQWKHKRPH inspection industry? The skills and technology learned in our military program are phe- nomenal; state-of-the-art technol- ogy is employed, true discipline and real teamwork all take place. These are all transferrable skills that lead to huge opportunities to be successful in the home inspec- tion industry. I would say that the sophisti- cation of the military candidate in combination with a younger generation emerging from careers in the tech world with a fresh perspective gives our newest home inspectors an advantage. That being said, they do seek out advice and wisdom from our exist- ing owners who have been "in the home inspection field" with a proven track record for years. In the end, nothing replaces wisdom and experience. RE Q A & "The person who joined our network 30 years ago isn't necessarily from the same background as our newer franchisees, since our team ensures that we're at the forefront of the latest advancements and training techniques available in the home inspection industry."

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