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SEP 2018

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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE September 2018 93 DK: We have a full marketing depart- ment as part of our core services, as well as a social media team. We're constantly out there promoting through Facebook, Twitter and all the major avenues. We are constantly pushing out local information to our consumer base. We are also on all the different portals. The fact of the matter is, people are looking in a lot of different places, and we need to make sure we have exposure. MP: What marketing strategies have helped you best connect with consumers? BK: Marketing is ever evolving. Pre-in- ternet, it involved getting our agents and listings in front of potential buy- ers in an interactive manner, so we focused on revolutionary concepts then like pre-marketing open hous- es, kiosks in shopping malls and hotline numbers. Post-internet, the goals are to use websites and social media in such a way as to maximize property exposure and recapture the feel of personal service, rather than faceless data exchange. DK: The larger we've gotten, one of our biggest challenges is making sure we have a local influence. With the Affiliate Foundation, we have been able to do some good things and give back and touch the local communities we serve. We have a lot of fundraisers throughout the year and pool our resources. Our lo- cal agents and staff then apply for monies from the Foundation for lo- cal causes. This allows agents to be community leaders in their different areas, as well. MP: So, clearly, there are a lot of rea- sons why an agent would want to join your firm and stick around a while. What is the most compelling reason? DK: Mostly because they want to be part of an organization that's on the forefront and is growing and has a story to tell. People love the idea of being part of something special and something bigger—they get excited about that. They know we want to in- vest in their future and listen to what they have to say. BK: We have an excellent value proposition with massive opportunity from company-generated business, coupled with market-current educa- tion and competitive compensation options. Most importantly, ours is a culture of family where agents and employees cooperate and genuinely like and care for each other. It's a home, not simply a brokerage. MP: Please describe that culture. BK: We strive for inclusivity and diver- sity. Additionally, this is a bottom-up organization, where input is encour- aged and listened to. We have a central core of values and services, yet encourage each office to adapt to their local marketplace in terms of customs and practices. It's more important to do the right thing than to get the extra dollar. This leads to loyalty and long-term business suc- cess. And success and fun are not mutually exclusive. We emphasize life balance. Our Mission Statement continues to be: "To provide the finest cus- tomer service to our agents so that they can provide the finest customer service to their buyers and sellers." MP: What's in store for the future of CENTURY 21 Affiliated? DK: Big picture, we want to continue to keep our eye on smart growth opportunities when they present themselves. I love the idea of being the largest CENTURY 21 firm in the world, and I have plans to stay in that ranking. I also have the goal of be- ing a Top 10 real estate broker in the U.S., and we're moving closer toward that goal. We have great agents, and if we can help every agent in the company do a few more transac- tions, that will lead to the growth and success of the company. BK: We will continue to be proac- tive and seek out opportunities for growth that do not endanger our lev- el of service to agents and the pub- lic. Those opportunities will manifest themselves, rather than taking on the form of a planned march into a certain community or subset of ancil- lary services. My other goal is to enhance and provide the best possible tools, edu- cation, training, systems and core services, while finding new ways to be innovative and provide support— and to find new ways to give back and be meaningful. RE For more information, please visit www.c21affiliated.com. "It's more important to do the right thing than to get the extra dollar. This leads to loyalty and long-term business success." - BILL KESSLER Founder, CENTURY 21 Affiliated

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