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SEP 2018

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26 September 2018 RISMedia's REAL ESTATE E ducation is critical to developing a long- lasting real estate career. As the market shifts, a successful real estate professional will need to do the same to best meet their clients' needs, uphold their reputation, and keep their competition from surpassing them. "Consumers tend to view real estate professionals in a monolithic manner, assuming that all real estate profes- sionals do the same thing," says Bill Lublin, e-PRO® in- structor, and CEO of CENTURY 21 Advantage Gold and the Social Media Marketing Institute. "As anyone familiar with the business recognizes, the truth is almost the ex- act opposite." As more and more of the real estate process moves online, agents who want to serve their clients need to learn how to protect their data. Real estate profession- als interested in learning the latest technology tools and gaining further in-depth market knowledge can do so by earning their e-PRO® certification with the National Association of REALTORS®. The newly revised course, available live in the classroom, shows real estate pro- fessionals how to leverage digital marketing theory and technologies in their day-to-day marketing efforts, all while protecting client information. The course offers real estate professionals a solid foundation and clear path for creating a digital marketing plan and data privacy plan geared toward today's tech-savvy clientele. "Today's consumer lives in an instant gratification so- ciety," says Amy Smythe Harris, an e-PRO® certification holder and broker/owner of Urban Provision REALTORS® in Houston, Texas. "The question is, as an agent, are you delivering that service to your client?" Smythe Harris has been working in real estate for 27 years. She chose to go through the e-PRO® certification program to become more efficient with today's technol- ogy best practices, and believes that the program can help agents evaluate their technological strengths and weaknesses. "Today's consumers are almost obsessed with tech- nology, online search, smart homes and social market- ing," echoes Lublin, "and they want to work with agents that show familiarity with these things. As an agent, it's important for you to be able to meet—and rise above— these expectations." Lublin stresses that real estate professionals who complete the e-PRO® course gain in-depth knowledge as to what an effective digital marketing program looks like, and how to articulate that program to the consumer. Es- sentially, according to Lublin, "it enables agents to be more effective, more efficient, and, hopefully, more profitable." According to Lublin, "the new e-PRO® course provides the student with relevant technology to use in their busi- ness, but adds a second day of live, relevant material to help students avoid data breaches." "In real estate, what we trade on is reputation," says Terry Watson, an e-PRO® instructor. "An agent's reputa- tion is their capital." As more moving parts of the real estate transaction migrate online, so does customer data, resulting in an in- Boosting Your Business and Reputation With Education NAR's e-PRO ® Certification Teaches Data Security, Protects Agent Reputation by Zoe Eisenberg

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