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JAN 2013

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{The NAR Power Broker Roundtable} The Hottest New Apps: Are They Helping to Drive Your Success? MOderatOr: Jeff Barnett, Liaison for Large Residential Firms Relations, NAR ParticiPants: Dean aSher, Broker/Owner, Don Asher & Associates, Orlando, Fla. Jennifer Branchini, Better Homes & Gardens Tri-Valley Realty, Pleasanton, Calif. ���Sugarsync��� and ���Skydrive��� give me everything I need for data storage and for grabbing all the forms in my virtual ���le cabinet, and ���HomeSnap,��� which gives me all the data I could possibly want on any house just by snapping a photo of it, is one of the coolest apps around. Jennifer Branchini: In today���s generational world, at least 50 percent of consumers are using apps daily. I use an online ���le storage app called ���Dropbox��� to give my clients access to the complete ���le of documents on the property they are buying or selling. They can access everything and they really love and appreciate it. DA: Even the customers who may not yet be as knowledgeable about the apps are eager to use them to grab the data they need when and where they want it and use it to their advantage. Jef Barnet: Whether it���s iPad, Android, smartphone, laptop, we are reaching out to three generations���the Civics, the Boomers, and the Gen X and Yers. If you���re not out there talking to all three of them, and if you���re not out there looking for the best ways to do that, you are missing the proverbial boat. RE 8For an expanded version of this article and other NAR Power Broker Roundtable topics, please visit www.rismedia.com. Jef Barnet: With so many apps availrick haaSe, President, Latter & Blum, New Orleans, La. The Power Broker Roundtable is brought to you by the National Association of REAlToRS�� and Jeff Barnett, NAR���s liaison for large Residential Firms Relations. Watch for this column each month, where we address broker issues, concerns and milestones. Jef Barnet: For most real estate practitioners today, handheld devices and mobile apps have become a way of life if you are going to succeed in this business. Just this morning, at our Alain Pinel of���ce staff meeting, I checked out an app called ���GroupText��� and learned I could text to any part of a distribution list without selecting contacts one-by-one. For me, it was a revelation. So, for my ���rst shot at moderating the Roundtable, I���ve invited a cross-section of industry professionals who not only know what the hottest apps are, but what they can do for your business. Dean Asher: I admit to having been ���rst on my block with every generation of the iPad. Apps like 14 January 2013 RISMedia���s REAL ESTATE able out there, how do you pick the most effective ones? Rick Haase: It���s less a question of which apps to choose than the functions you want to use them for. We take our top performers on retreat, where we drill down to the three most important things that contribute to their success and the three biggest challenges. Based on that information, it was relatively simple to search out and implement the best suite of apps. JB: Trial and error is part of it, too. New apps come up all the time, like ���Expensify,��� a great budgeting app that made my old one obsolete, and ���MagicPlan,��� which measures your rooms and draws your ���oor plan just by taking pictures. RH: We use apps for market analyses, to automate prospecting systems and to not only provide targeted customer data, but to track where and how often a user is searching them, so you know when to make personal contact. They help us and our customers make more valuable decisions and forge long-lasting relationships. Top Picks Here are just a few of the apps our Roundtable panel currently recommends: BlockShopper ��� Do hyper-targeted research on a property���s sale history and ownership. ekey ��� Open lockboxes from your smartphone (part of the Supra System). homeSnap ��� Get all the data on any house just by snapping a picture. hotPads ��� Do on-the-go, map-based research on apartments, homes and rentals. MagicPlan ��� Measures rooms and draws a ���oor plan just by snapping pictures.

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