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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE August 2018 63 Start employing these methods, and you'll begin to see immediate results. 1 Lead by example and set the tone for success. The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. Cre- ate an environment of high drive and success. Your agents will follow your lead. 2 Get agents into the office. Set the tone in your office by using a Prospecting and Sales Training Activity Calendar every week. Post printed copies throughout the office and include your sales meetings, new agent training meetings and call events. Schedule these so that agents have to come into the office. Offer a training class every week on how to hold open houses, how to con- duct listing appointments and how to convert leads into income. Getting your agents into the office and fo- cused on prospecting activities gives them the opportunity to create their own success…and agents who show up to the office talk to other agents about new listings, ultimately creat- ing sales. 3 Ask agents what they have in their pipelines for buyer and seller leads. Help them to convert these leads to appointments. Identify opportuni- ties where your agent can offer free pre-approval to help move the lead through the stages of the sales cy- cle. Find out daily and weekly what new listings or sales your agents are working on, and consistently ask them how many listings and sales they forecast for the next month. This will drive your team members to achieve their goals, which, in turn, will help achieve the team's goals. 4 Drive open house activity. Not ev- ery agent will want to hold open houses, and that's fine. Find the ones who will maximize open houses as a lead generator to find new list- ing and buyer leads. Open houses can and should be the most profit- able 2 - 3 hours of an agent's week if they properly plan and convert the leads. Help those holding the open house sit on the right-priced property to maximize their time. 5 Lead the effort to create FSBO and expired prospecting groups. Create a group of agents that meet weekly to prospect FSBOs and expired leads. Show them how to contact and con- vert these leads into appointments and income. Caravan to expireds and FSBOs to do door-knocking. All new or newer agents should be re- quired to attend these activities. 6 Create momentum and hold agents accountable to their annual and monthly goals. Meet with agents for a check-in and ask them how you can help them succeed. Review what their action plan is to create busi- ness, and offer them suggestions on ways to increase their opportunities to get in front of more people to con- vert more listings and sales. RE For a list of other lead-generating ideas to coach your sales team, and for more methods to drive agent list- ings in your office, email yourock@ sherrijohnson.com. Sherri Johnson is CEO and founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of experience in real estate, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and keynotes, and is a national speaker for the Homes.com Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour. For more information, please contact coaching@sherrijohnson.com or 844-989-2600 (toll free) or visit www.sherrijohnson.com. 6 Methods to Drive Listings With Your Sales Team by Sherri Johnson B eing a sales manager in today's competitive environment means adding value to your sales team by leading them to achieve their goals. If you're sitting at your desk 50 percent of the day, then it's time to engage in the practice of getting out of your office, walking around and talking to your agents. Sure, they need you for administrative tasks, but the reality is that you're a sales manager, and your No. 1 job is to create listings and sales from your sales team.

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