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RISMedia's REAL ESTATE August 2018 27 As Perez explains, "We are a completely open platform. If a broker has a relationship with other vendors, we'll make it work. We don't demand you work only with our product." Baur also points to the level of service customers re- ceive after signing on with MoxiWorks as a key differenti- ator among technology firms. "When you wrap up the de- velopment of our product with the great user experience and post-sale service, you get a delighted customer." NEXT-LEVEL PARTNERSHIPS So delighted have customers been with MoxiWorks, in fact, that many have become partners on a higher level, playing an instrumental role in fast-tracking the company to success. Earlier this year, for example, Baur worked with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® President and CEO Paul Boomsma to develop Boomsma's technology vision for the global network of more than 560 independent real estate firms: the LeadingRE Cloud. According to Baur, "This is an important strategy Paul is unfolding because for a long time, the independent real estate firm has struggled with technology. They la- ment about the amount of energy it takes trying to de- cide what type of product to use and the pain involved in changing. Paul saw the opportunity to solve this problem, and it shows his investment in constantly making the network better." Powered by the Moxi Cloud, the LeadingRE Cloud will provide members with plug-and-play tools, as well as con- trol over property and consumer data. "You as a broker- age can mix your own unique technology cocktail that fits your value proposition," explains Baur. While LeadingRE made the investment in MoxiWorks' cloud platform, other brokerage firms saw the opportunity to invest in the company as a whole. While this began with Windermere, followed by Long and Foster Real Estate in 2015, in January of this year, Hanna Holdings, parent of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, also came on board as an investor, further strengthening MoxiWorks' current and future positioning in the residential real estate space. While brokerage investors such as Hanna "like having a seat at the table" when it comes to the inside track on product development, the benefit works both ways, says Baur. "We have a built-in focus group of some of the most powerful brokerages in the country, and that's a huge asset we use to every advantage," he says. What's more, MoxiWorks' brokerage investors pro- vide a critical layer of accountability for all of the firm's broker clients, big and small. "You're not dealing with some cigar-chomping venture capitalist," says Baur. "You're dealing with like-minded companies. Our broker- age board affords us the ability to think longer term than many financially driven companies would be allowed to. We have a much longer sight horizon than next month or next year." And staying focused on broker needs is what will bring MoxiWorks continued success, Baur believes. "Keep your eye on the ball, and the scoreboard will take care of itself." RE For more information, please visit www.moxiworks.com. EASING PAIN, BOOSTING PROFITS At MoxiWorks, all products must pass a litmus test before pro- ceeding into development: they must help make brokers more profitable. Here are just a few from the starting line up: MOXI TALENT. Solving the ongoing recruiting and retention challenge, Moxi Talent was launched in June 2018. "Most brokers wake up every day worrying about disruptors and wolves at the door," says Baur. "We recognized that brokers need to be great at the recruiting process." Moxi Talent shows the geographic holes that need to be filled and then identifies recruits. The program also gives managers a dashboard to track existing agents, identify weak spots and have meaningful conversations. MOXI MARKETING. This suite of tools includes components like Moxi Insights, Moxi Publish and Facebook Ads. MOXI PUBLISH lets brokers market as they see fit. "The majority of brokers have very specific demands around their branding," says Perez. "They want materials to represent the brokerage's brand and the agent's brand better, so we gave them an area where they can craft and curate any kind of content and craft any campaign." MOXI INSIGHTS provides predictive analytics by augmenting an agent's database with public record information. This gives agents a better idea of who is more likely to list, and also provides demographic and lifestyle information to help them forge deeper relationships. "Predictive analytics provides science and raw material to help agents practice the art of relationships," says Baur. CONCIERGE. Concierge services help agents with tasks like da- tabase management. "An agent's most valuable asset is their database," says Baur, "yet they aren't curating it. We will consoli- date, organize, clean and upload their databases for them into Google, Microsoft, Moxi or partner tools." Concierge services will also help agents tune-up their websites and differentiate them with content. "We want to help agents run a business like a busi- ness, and these are the types of things they should outsource."

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